If you are a new client, please fill out this form and fax or email it to us prior to coming in. You can also bring it along with your first visit.

You will receive a copy of these post-op instructions when you pick your pet up from surgery, but we are providing them here for those that would like to read them ahead of time or if you should misplace them. We have also provided a video below outlining these instructions.

Once you have scheduled your pets surgery date you can print out this form to bring along the morning of the surgery to speed up your check in time and also to allow you more time to read over it.

Feline Estrus & Pregnancy

Learn more about when your cat is likely to go into season, what to expect, and what to do to prevent pregnancy.

Normal VS Abnormal Spay Procedure

See the differences between a normal spay procedure and an abnormal spay procedure. Abnormal procedures would include a pet in heat, pregnant, or those with a pyometra or other abnormal uterus or ovaries. See why there are additional costs when the procedure is not deemed "Normal."


Rescue Groups

If you are looking for a pet to rescue or if you need help with a pet you have or have found a pet in need you can contact one of these wonderful local rescue groups in the CSRA.

Vaccine Recommendations

Our recommendations on vaccinating puppies, kittens, dogs and cats.

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Compassionate care

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work 

We recommend pre-anesthetic blood work for all of our surgery patients. This form will explain what the recommended labs cover and if you choose you can accept or decline to have these labs done.